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6 Types Of People Should Be Careful Of Bladder Disease

The bladder is an organ for human urine storage and excretion. Any reason that causes the bladder to lose normal function, that is, abnormal urination frequency, urine volume and urine colour will occur, and bladder disease will occur. In fact, there are 6 types of people who should be careful about bladder diseases, especially those who often go to the toilet and can’t hold back urine. This is because these may be related to bladder disease. So I will explain these 6 types of people in the following paragraphs.

Women should be especially careful with acute cystitis. This is because acute cystitis favours women, especially married women. If women have sudden frequent urination, urgency and painful urination, acute cystitis is usually the culprit. This is because women's urethra is relatively short and very close to the vagina and anus, so bad habits or vaginitis usually spread to the urethra.
Office workers
Office workers are sedentary people, so must be alert of bladder stones. If you have been sitting for several hours, plus lack of exercise and do not like to drink water, you must be careful, because such office habits will make you a high-risk group of urinary stones. Although the incidence of upper urinary tract stones, such as kidneys and ureters, is significantly higher than the incidence of lower urinary tract stones, such as the bladder and urethra. However, if there are conditions such as urethral stricture and prostate hyperplasia at the same time, the incidence of bladder stones will greatly increase. For bladder stones, men usually have a higher incidence than women. If you have lower abdominal discomfort, frequent urination and urgency with interrupted urination, you should go to the urology department to check whether you have bladder stones.
Elderly men

Older men cannot ignore the problem of prostate hyperplasia. The bladder is an organ in the human body that stores urine. Prostatic hyperplasia can prevent urine from emptying and increase the amount of urine remaining in the bladder. Over time, it will cause thickening of the bladder wall, dysfunction of the detrusor and its innervating nerves, and the formation of bladder trabeculae, cavities and bladder diverticula. The most serious bladder dysfunction may cause filling incontinence, and constantly want to go to the toilet, but only a few drops of urine at a time. Many people mistakenly think this is frequent urination. In fact, this is because the entire bladder is full of urine, but there is no urge to urinate. Finally, urine exceeds the maximum storage capacity of the bladder, and then overflows from the urethra, which will seriously damage the kidney function.

Mother with two babies

Mother with two babies must pay attention to urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence means that the bladder tube can't hold urine. When laughing, coughing, running or other exercises, even underwear can inadvertently soak urine. This is the most common stress urinary incontinence in urinary incontinence. This condition is more common in mothers who have given birth to more than one baby, especially those who have had multiple births. Other factors, such as age, obesity, and pelvic viscera, may induce or aggravate urinary incontinence. Some mothers do not think that urinary incontinence is a disease, which makes it easy to miss the opportunity of early pelvic floor muscle training and medication, and ultimately rely on surgery.


The incidence of bladder cancer has become younger and younger, and smoking is one of the most important reasons. Not only that, smoking can also cause chronic cystitis and erectile dysfunction of the urinary system. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy urinary system, the best choice for smokers is to quit smoking.

Diabetic patients

Among all chronic diseases, diabetes is the most harmful to the human body. If diabetic patients find that their urination has changed, such as frequent urination, weak urination, and incomplete urination, they may wish to go to the urology department for a bladder function test, because diabetic bladder dysfunction is one of the important causes of neurogenic bladder.
To sum up, the above are these 6 types of people who should be careful of bladder disease. They are female, office workers, elderly men, mothers with two babies, smokers, and diabetic patients. So if you are one or more of these 6 types of people, you must be very careful and take good care of yourself.

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