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Amazing Health Benefits Of Swimming

Do you love swimming and do you often swim? If you do, then it is good for you! Swimming is one of the most popular exercises. In fact, swimming is considered as the most important sport in the whole world because if you accidentally dropped into water, you will be able to rescue yourself. So no matter if you are jumping in the ocean or into the swimming pool, it is a great activity for adding to your routine. Here I’ll explain those 4 amazing health benefits of swimming.
Low-impact cardio

Swimming does not put pressure on your joints, and keeps your knees, bones and muscles healthy. A good swimming exercise has the benefits of aerobic exercise, and the less risk of injury. In addition, swimming may be low-impact, but it will definitely burn calories. For example, a 155-pound person may burn 500-700 calories in one hour of freestyle swimming. The amount of calories depends on your weight and swimming speed, but you can expect that regular swimming will help you stay healthy.

Full body workout
Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts. Swimming works your full body such as your arms, shoulders, back, hamstrings, and legs. That is why Olympic gold medalist swimmers are always in good body shape.

Improve mood and reduce stress

Swimming can improve your mood and reduce your stress. It is because swimming can let the serotonin be released, the hormone in charge of improving your mood to feel happier. Also, swimming can help you feel better and less stressed since swimming has its unique movement patterns. Swimming in a horizontal position will relieve the pressure you may accumulate in your lower back throughout the day while sitting in office or in your car all day long. Many of us are under pressure on the lower back and shoulders, both of which are relieved when swimming. In addition, swimming requires breathing control, which forces swimmers to breathe deeply and maintain a calm rhythm. Therefore, swimming is a great way to relax and reduce stress.

Improve sleeping quality

 If you always experience insomnia, then this point best suits you, which is that swimming can help in better sleep at night. It is because swimming is particularly therapeutic since it encourages free-floating movements and meditation-like breathing.
To sum up, those 4 points are the amazing health benefits of swimming. The health benefits of swimming are much more than just an activity or exercise. So when you are free, why not go to any swimming pool for swimming to obtain those health benefits.