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Bad “Living Habits” Easily Cause Bladder Cancer

Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved, and society and cities have developed more and more. Therefore, this has led to more and more pollution of the environment, and people are suffering from more and more diseases. What I want to explain to you is bladder cancer, a common malignant tumour in the urinary system. Among the malignant tumours of the urinary system, the incidence of bladder cancer is second to none, and it is getting younger and younger, so we cannot ignore bladder cancer. This type of cancer has an obvious tendency to “heavier on men than women”, and the incidence of men is 3 to 4 times that of women. I will now let everyone know what kind of bad living habits can easily cause bladder cancer.

Both smoking and second-hand smoke increase the risk of cancer. Smoking is currently the most certain risk factor for bladder cancer. About 30% to 50% of bladder cancer is caused by smoking. Smoking increases the risk of bladder cancer by 24 times. After quitting smoking, the risk of illness will be reduced.
Poor diet
Eating too much processed meat products, especially processed products containing nitrite, has a higher risk of cancer. In addition, too much oily diet can also cause cancer.
Chemical and radiation environment

About 20% of bladder cancer is caused by occupational factors. They are factors such as the dye industry, rubber, paint, printing, coal mines, dry cleaning, haircuts, and so on.

Holding back urine

Under special circumstances, occasionally holding back urine once or twice will not cause damage to the body, but if you gradually develop a habit, which you must complete the work before urination, over time it will cause damage to the bladder and even increase the risk of bladder cancer. Urine contains a lot of hazardous waste, more or less carcinogens. Therefore, the longer the contact time, the greater the chance of invading the bladder mucosa, thereby destroying the normal structure of cells and causing malignant transformation. At the same time, the long-term accumulation of urine in the bladder stimulates the bladder mucosa is also one of the causes of bladder cancer.

To sum up, these bad living habits can easily cause bladder cancer, which are smoking, poor diet, chemical and radiation environment, and holding back urine. Here, I urge everyone to quit smoking, eat more healthy foods, stay away from chemical and radiation environments if not necessary, and change the habit of holding urine to urinate in a timely manner. In this way, bladder cancer is less likely to occur.

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