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Common Causes Of Kidney Cancer

Do you know what kidney cancer is? Kidney cancer, also known as renal cell cancer, is a type of cancer that develops when cancer cells grow in kidney tissue. These two legume-shaped organs grow on both sides of the upper waist of the human body. Their function is to filter and purify the blood, remove waste and produce urine. Kidney cancer usually produces one tumor in one kidney, but sometimes more than one, or there are multiple tumors in both kidneys at the same time. So what exactly causes kidney cancer? So now I will explain to you the common causes of kidney cancer


Obesity and high blood pressure

Studies have found that body mass index (BMI) over 30 and high blood pressure are independent factors leading to the onset of kidney cancer


Many studies have found that smoking is related to kidney cancer. People who smoke filterless cigarettes have an increased risk of kidney cancer.


Occupational hazards

Statistics found that newspaper printers, coke workers, asbestos workers, dry cleaners, leather manufacturing workers and petrochemical workers are at higher risk of kidney cancer and death than ordinary people.

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Dietary factors

The survey found that high intake of dairy products, animal protein, fat, and low intake of fruits and vegetables are risk factors for kidney cancer. Coffee may increase the risk of kidney cancer, but it has nothing to do with coffee intake.


Drug factors

Abuse of antipyretic analgesics, especially drugs containing phenacetin, can increase the risk of kidney cancer, and diuretics may also be a factor that promotes the occurrence of kidney cancer.


To sum up, these are explanations of common causes of kidney cancer. They are obesity and high blood pressure, smoking, occupational hazards, dietary factors, and drug factors. Therefore, you must learn the common causes of kidney cancer, because in this way you can know what common causes cause kidney cancer. I also call on everyone to share this knowledge with people around you so that more people can know this important knowledge.

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