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Facts About Colon Cancer

In Malaysia

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in men and women around the world. Colorectal cancer can actually be cured if it is found early. Since the mid-1980s, the mortality rate of this type of cancer has reduced, which may be due to the fact that this type of cancer is usually diagnosed earlier and treatments have been improved. 

Facts About Colon Cancer In Malaysia

In Malaysia, it is worth noting that the demographics of colon cancer patients in Malaysia are different from those in more developed regions due to the large geographic differences. Malaysia is a country with many races with a population of around 32 million, which the races are Malays, Chinese, Indians, and many indigenous people. Colon cancer is the most common cancer among men which the age-standardized incidence rate is 14.8/100,000, and the second most common cancer among women which the age-standardized incidence rate is 11.1/100,000. It is also the third most common of deaths from cancer in Malaysia. Also, there are over 55% of colon cancer cases are diagnosed in Malaysians over 50 years old, and another 12.7% are diagnosed in people between 40 and 50 years old. 
Approximately 66% of male and 65% of female colon cancer cases are detected very lately which are at stage 3 or 4. This leads to an increased risk of cancer death. Cancer death is also caused by a lack of understanding of cancer and a misunderstanding of cancer. For instance, studies have shown that Malaysians are lacking consciousness of the symptoms of colon cancer, that is, only 40.6% of 2379 Malaysians know that the blood in the stool is a warning sign of colon cancer. Other causes of delayed detection and diagnosis are such as refusal to accept, negative perceptions of the disease, relying too heavily on traditional medicine, risk of misunderstanding, mood disorders, and negative perceptions of screening. On the other hand, in low- and middle-income countries which include Malaysia, there is fewer cancer awareness campaigns and fewer evaluation.

To sum up, the facts about colon cancer in Malaysia are covered. Colon cancer is the most common cancer among men, while it is the second most common cancer among women. Unfortunately, Malaysians are lacking consciousness of colon cancer symptoms, which is very worrying. I call for all Malaysians to study and learn more knowledge about colon cancer, and take precautions in order to prevent suffering from colon cancer.

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