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Health Benefits Of Playing Badminton

First of all, do you love playing badminton? Do you usually play badminton for doing sports? Well, for me, I do love to play badminton and I often play with my friends during weekends. Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world. The countries that are very popular with badminton are Malaysia, China, Indonesia, and Japan. Playing badminton gets your whole body working. And I’ll explain some health benefits of playing badminton in the following paragraphs.
Improve muscle strength

One of the important benefits of playing badminton is that it can increase muscle strength and make you strong and healthy. Continuous exercise from here to there will strengthen your muscle mass and tone them into a perfect structure. It can strengthen your core muscles, calves, quadriceps and hamstrings.
Improve function of heart

Playing badminton continuously can strengthen your heart muscles. It can also improve blood flow through our veins and pump the heart up. It lowers cholesterol level and reduces the heart attacks or strokes risk. This can also unblock blocked heart walls and increase blood flow.

Helpful to reduce stress

Energetic badminton game is a healthy habit that can resist stress hormones and make you feel more relaxed. Stress is actually a serious problem because it will reduce your physical and mental abilities. However, by exercising badminton as a daily exercise, our body can reduce stress hormones and enhance happy hormones, making you happy and full of energy.

Make bones stronger

If you play badminton every day, your bone fracture risk can be reduced. The back and forth movements of the hands, legs and arms will form a calcium matrix in the bones, thereby enhancing the calcium inside the bones.

Improve in social being

Badminton is a game with two or four members, not an individual play. It is a healthy competition between two members. No matter if you win or lose, you will always maintain a good social relationship. The good thing of playing badminton is that it can be played as a fun activity with your family or friends, which also connects people’s relationship, instead of indulging in the digital world.

Weight loss

For those who want to lose weight, you can pay attention to this point. Playing badminton burns up your calories. It is helpful to control your weight and thereby maintain the body balance. Burning up calories will increase the metabolic rate to make us healthy and fit.


To sum up, above are some of the health benefits of playing badminton, which include improve muscle strength, improve the function of heart, helpful for reducing stress, make bones stronger, improve in social beings, and reduce weight loss. So if you always do exercise in the gym to keep yourself healthy and fit, why not consider playing badminton?