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How Is Colorectal Cancer Treated At Different Stages?

The colon or large intestine is where the body extracts water and salt from solid wastes. The waste then passes through the rectum and exits the body through the anus. Colorectal cancer is described as co-occurring colon cancer and rectal cancer, which is common as well. Rectal cancer originates in the rectum, that is the last few inches of the large intestine and is the closest to the anus. While when a tumor grows in the large intestine, colon cancer develops.
Colon cancer can be treated at different stages which I’ll explain each stage in the following paragraphs. Generally, stages 0, I, II, and III can usually be cured by surgery. However, many patients with stage III colorectal cancer, and some patients with stage II colorectal cancer, receive chemotherapy after surgery to increase the eliminating the disease chance. Patients with stage II and stage III rectal cancer will also receive radiation therapy with chemotherapy which is before or after surgery.

Stage 0 colorectal cancer

During colonoscopy, usually the treatment is polypectomy, or polyp removal.
Stage 1 colorectal cancer

During colonoscopy, usually the treatment is polypectomy, or polyp removal.
Stage 2 colorectal cancer

Surgery is usually the first treatment. Patients with stage II colorectal cancer can talk to Onco Life Centre's oncologists to find out if adjuvant chemotherapy is needed after surgery to eliminate any remaining cancer cells. For patients with stage II rectal cancer, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are usually combined before or after surgery

Stage 3 colorectal cancer

Usually the treatment involves surgical removal of the tumor followed by adjuvant chemotherapy. For patients with rectal cancer, radiation therapy can be used together with chemotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy before or after surgery.

Metastatic (stage 4) colorectal cancer

 Colorectal cancer can spread to distant organs, including the liver, lungs, tissue called the peritoneum in the abdomen, or woman’s ovaries. Our oncologists at Onco Life Centre will help you develop a treatment plan, that may include a surgery combination, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. In colorectal cancer, if the cancer only spreads to the liver, and if surgery can be performed before or after chemotherapy, it is possible to be completely cured. Even if cancer cannot be cured, surgery may add months or even years to a person's life. Determining who can benefit from surgery for cancer that has spread to the liver is usually a complex process that requires multiple professional doctors to plan the best treatment plan. 


To sum up, colorectal cancer treated at different stages are explained from stage 0 to stage 4. Do share these information of colorectal cancer treatments for those stages to your loved ones or friends, especially if they are suffering from colorectal cancer.


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