How Long Nap Time For Adults Is Healthy And The Benefits

First of all, do you have the habit of taking naps especially when you are at home? If you do, how long nap time do you take? Not only that napping is for babies, but it is great for adults as well. There are even some employees taking naps during their lunch hour break in their company. According to sleep experts, a little nap time can greatly impact your mind and body. However, please pay attention to the best napping time for adults in the following paragraph.
Best nap time for adults

According to a study, the best nap times for adults are 10 to 20 minutes or 90 minutes. 10 to 20 minutes naps are power naps. These short naps make you feel refreshed, energetic and alert when you wake up. Well-timed power naps have almost no effect on your night sleep, so you can go to sleep at your usual bedtime with no difficulty dozing off. While for 90-minute naps, since you do not wake up in deep sleep, a 90-minute nap allows you to cycle through all sleep stages while avoiding sleep inertia. These naps can make you feel completely rejuvenated, more creative, more focused, and more energetic. So since a little napping can greatly impact your mind and body, here are also some benefits of napping.
Increase alertness

According to scientists, they have identified some relationships between stress levels and skin problems. And according to a study of college students, people who always suffer from stress are more likely to experience skin problems, which include itchy skin, hand rashes, and scaly skin. In order to solve skin problems, reducing stress is needed which can lead to clearer skin. Therefore, some stress reduction techniques include tai chi and meditation.

Reduce stress

Lack of sleep will cause stress. That is why it is important to add nap time into your daily schedule, and then you can effectively reduce stress and can balance out your sleep troubles. Getting quality sleep can help regulate and reduce the cortisol production which is the stress hormone, and promote faster immune system recovery, making you feel more emotionally stable and ready to get busy for the rest of the day.

Lift mood

In addition to feeling refreshed and ready to get busy for the rest of the day, taking a nap can enhance your mood. According to studies, taking a nap can increase the ability to withstand frustration, reduce impulsivity, and increase productivity. Fatigue usually causes irritability, so when you take time to recharge, you can effectively change mood around.


To sum up, how long nap time for adults is healthy and some benefits of napping are explained in the above paragraphs. The best nap times for adults are 10 to 20 minutes or 90 minutes. While some benefits of napping include increase alertness, reduce stress, and lift mood. Therefore, it is important not to neglect to take naps.