Laughing Is A Great Medicine For Health!?

Everyone of us do laugh, especially when we think that something is funny to laugh. It just depends how funny something is. The funnier something is, the more and louder laugh will be. In fact, laughing is a great medicine for health since laughing is able to improve your health. And I am going to explain some health benefits of laughing.
Lower stress hormone levels

By lowering the level of stress hormones, you can reduce the anxiety and stress that affect your body at the same time. In addition, reducing stress hormones can lead to higher immune system performance. Just imagine that someone tells a funny joke can relieve some of the stress of the day and help you obtain the health benefits of laughter.
Boost cardiac health

Laughter is a good aerobic exercise, especially for those who cannot do other physical exercises due to injury or illness. It makes your heart pumping, and burns a similar calories amount per hour as walking slowly to moderate pace. Therefore, do laugh to make your heart healthy.

Improve memory recall

There are some researchers said that laughing is good for your brain. In a study of seniors which they are more than 60 and 70 years old, for those who watched interesting and funny videos performed better on memory tests than those who sat quietly before the test. People who laughed improved their memory recall by 43.6%. Maybe this is the reason that you are able to remember interesting and funny stories better than sad stories.

Reduce cortisol

People who laugh and enjoy humour have a lot lower stress hormone cortisol levels. We all know that stress can affect your body and mind, but laughing can help to solve problems. Lower cortisol levels have many benefits, such as keeping blood sugar levels low and reducing inflammation in the body. Besides, the reduction of cortisol will give you a better sleep, so read an interesting and funny book before going to sleep and you will have better dreams.

Trigger endorphins release

Endorphins are the natural painkillers of body. When you laugh, endorphins can be released. This can help relieve chronic pain and make your whole body feel good. 


To sum up, the above health benefits of laughing which cover lower stress hormone levels, boost cardiac health, improve memory recall, reduce cortisol, and trigger endorphins release that I mentioned have really shown that laughing is indeed a great medicine for health. So why not grab yourself a comic book, flip to the interesting and funny pages, and enjoy your laughter medicine in order to obtain health benefits?