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Let's Learn The Characteristics Of  Colon Cancer Poop

First of all, do you usually take a look of the characteristics such as the colour and shape of your poop after defecating? I know that most of you do not dare to look and say that it is very disgusting. Yes indeed it is very disgusting to look at it. However, do keep in mind that how the characteristics of your poop matters a lot, which means it will show how healthy you are. This also applies to the characteristics of colon cancer poop, so do take note of that. Usually, the poop of a patient with colon cancer may have the following characteristics and I’ll talk about them in the following paragraphs.
Poop colours

Black poop is a red flag of bowel cancer. The blood in the intestines turns dark red or black, making the poop stools look like tar. This poop needs further investigation. While a bright red poop can be a sign of colon cancer. Red poop may appear in cancers of the lower intestine.
Blood in the stool
You may notice obvious blood in the stool, or darker poop, which may indicate bleeding in the intestine or rectum. Sometimes there may be bleeding but it is not visible. This is called occult (hidden) blood, and it can only be discovered when a blood test shows a low red blood cell count.
Rectal bleeding

Bright red blood in the poop usually indicates bleeding in the rectum or colon, which has a possibility of a sign of colon or rectal cancer. Hemorrhoids can also cause rectal bleeding. Usually, patients with hemorrhoids have symptoms that accompany attacks, while rectal bleeding caused by cancer usually persists or worsens, and is more likely to be painful.

Changes in bowel habits

Changes in bowel habits that can indicate colon cancer or rectal cancer, including new-onset constipation or diarrhea, changes in the frequency or size and caliber of bowel movements, the intestine does not seem to be completely empty, the poop is narrower than normal which is even as thin as a pencil. Changes in diet, unpleasant foods or viral/bacterial infection can cause occasional bowel movements. However, if you encounter a new unexplainable condition that lasts more than a few days, please see a doctor.


To sum up, the characteristics of colon cancer poop are mentioned which includes poop colours and blood in the stool. While rectal bleeding and changes in bowel habits can also affect the characteristics of colon cancer poop. So hopefully these information can let you learn the knowledge of the characteristics of colon cancer poop.

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