Malaysian movie star Angelica Lee debuts at MBO Starling Mall!

Malaysian movie star Angelica Lee debuts at MBO Starling Mall! Hosted by Phimilion on 18th January, a special screening of “The Garden of Evening Mists”. On the day, the members of Phimilion was entertained to participate in watching the shorlisted 2019 Nine Golden Horse Awards, which Angelica Lee, Sylvia Chang, Hiroshi Abe and others performed in the Malaysian movie “The Garden of Evening Mists”.

In addition, the winners who participated in the Phimilion gift via the Phimilion Facebook page and won the special screening of “The Garden of Evening Mists” also attended to join to watch together. The attendees said that they were very lucky to be able to watch the film with Angelica Lee.

Angelica Lee, who played the heroine Yun Ling in the film “The Garden of Evening Mists”, also shared her experience in performing this movie, and thanked everyone for their enthusiastic attendance and support for this film.

That day Phimilion’s founder Dato’ Sri Dina Eu, co-founder Vince Ling and company operations director May also attended. In addition, local artist Giselle Chew and senior Malaysian artist Yew Lan Gai also took the time to attend the show.

“The Garden of Evening Mists” is adapted from the novel of the same name. The story is about Teoh Yun Ling (As Angelica Lee) went through after World War II, because her sister Teoh Yun Hong (As Serene Lim) died unfortunately during the war, in order to create a Japanese garden dreamed by her sisters, went to the mountainous areas where the civil strife is constantly in trouble, and asked for help from a Japanese gardener Yusuke Nakamura (As Abe Kushiro), but the two started a touching love story.

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