Phimilion held a seminar on telomerase and health care at the company’s headquarters, led by Dr. Edward Chan.

Phimilion held a seminar on telomerase and health care at the company’s headquarters, led by Dr. Edward Chan.

The day was mainly for everyone to further understand the role of telomeres in human cells and how telomerase can extend the length of telomeres. Through Dr. Edward’s professional sharing, we have a more complete understanding of telomeres and telomerase.

 “Maybe many people think of aging as an inevitable thing in the body. Actually we should treat aging as a disease to treat or prevent.”


Telomeres and telomerase have become a hot topic in the global medical community in recent years because they are linked to aging and cancer.

The human body needs cell regeneration. Whether it is blood cells, digestive tract cells, skin cells, lung cells, immune cells, etc., it needs continuous regeneration to maintain physical function.

However, as the number of cell divisions increases, the length of the telomeres becomes shorter and shorter. When the telomeres are depleted, the integrity of the chromosomes can no longer be protected, eventually leading to cell aging or apoptosis. Therefore, it is also said that “telomeres are the clock of human lifespan”, which is closely related to whether the human body will suffer from diseases, aging and longevity.

The telomerase contained in cells has the effect of extending the length of telomeres, allowing telomeres to maintain dynamic changes while maintaining moderate cell division. As shared at the Dr. Edward Chan forum:

“As long as the length of the human telomere is stable, no virus can invade. But if the human telomere is damaged, the immune system will also be damaged.”


Therefore, in order to delay the aging of the body and prevent the risk of disease, we need to ensure that the cells in the body have sufficient telomerase to protect the length and stability of telomeres.

[Dr.Edward Chan]
Principal Consultant Nutritional Therapist & Psychologist


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