Instantly Revitalizes Skin

Each mask soaked in 28ml of Swiss imported essence awaits you to soothe your age-sensitive facial muscles.

Tight Repair

Deeply moisturizes the skin, renews cell dynamics, delays skin aging.

Bright & Translucent

Multi-Essence + Double Hyaluronic Acid, which surrounds the cells and penetrates the skin, leaving the skin extra hydrated and fair.

Shrink Pores

Gentle, nourishing and soothing to the skin, these 

ingredients effectively repair pores and accelerate nutrient absorption.

Light film cloth allows the skin to breathe freely

    1. Hugs the facial contours like a second skin
    2. Allows quick & easy absorption of the essence & rejuvenates skin
    3. Maintains a good grip on skin

High Concentrated Essence

The essence directly penetrates the skin cells within 15 seconds, allowing the cells to restore elasticity and moisture.

Collagen Peptide

Increases absorption rate up to 95%, allowing nutrients to reach the dermal layer of the skin faster.

Double Hyaluronic Acid

After replenishing moisture of the skin, it will boost the skin’s ability to pull and lock in water which facilitates cells to self-heal!

Phimilion Premium Hydro Soother Mask unrivaled features

Uses top-quality mask material Antibacterial properties
Average thickness of 0.166mm, which is a breakthrough invention!
Hugs the facial contours like a second skin
Breathable, light and transparent
Fast absorption serum

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