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Playing Video Games Is Actually Good For Health

First of all, video games have been increasingly popular since the 1970s. I would like to tell all of you that if you have kids, I would encourage you to buy video games for them to play at home. It is because playing video games is actually good for health, which I’ll explain some health benefits of playing video games in the following paragraphs..
Better social skills

According to research, children who played more video games have a higher chance to have better social skills and perform better academically, and establish better relationships with other students. It is because some games have social and collaborative component. Besides, good social habits can help you build up health and maintain good physical and mental health.
Improve brain and problem solving skills

The open world, task-based multi-level games design is similar to complex puzzles that take hours to solve. Sometimes, the solution will vary based on your actions in the game. Learning to think and formulate strategies in a fast pace fantasy environment is a skill that can be transformed into the real world. One of the studies which is published in 2013 showed that children who play strategy-based games have improved problem solving skills and therefore able to achieve higher grades.

Improve mental health benefits

According to studies, some video games are able to improve mood and heart rhythms. This can also reduce stress levels, thereby making you happier. According to one major study that followed players for more than six months and measured their heart rate found that certain games reduced the adrenaline response by more than 50%.

Improve vision

Believe it or not, playing video games actually improves your vision. Keep in mind that do not stare at the screen for 10 hours straight. In one study, 10 male students who were not gamers were trained in first-person action games for 30 hours, and then tested on 10 non-game players. Due to the improved spatial resolution, students who play can see objects more clearly in more chaotic space. They can train their brains to view smaller details, because these details are very important in every game.

Overcome dyslexia

According to one of the studies, people playing video games have improved their reading comprehension skills. It is because researchers believe that the games have constantly changing environments that will make you have great attention to the games.


To sum up, those health benefits of playing video games which include better social skills, improve brain and problem solving skills, improve mental health benefits, improve vision, and overcome dyslexia. So why not buy video games now to your kids?