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We inherit telomeres from our parents, and it is part of human nature for telomeres to shorten as we age, causing aging in our cells. Telomegenase is a dietary supplement containing 12 different natural ingredients blend of micronutrients that support the health of your cellular aging clock. It provides the nutrition that most directly impacts the health of your telomeres with botanical antioxidants, natural compounds that help stabilize telomere. With 2 sachets per day, this supplement will help protect your cells, support telomere length, and boost immunity.


Support good intestinal health by promoting bowel regularity with Fig & Zyme, helping to eliminate toxins and waste materials from the body. Containing a proprietary blend of 12 natural ingredients, Fig & Zyme works to stimulate the release of wastes and toxins from the colon. 


Musang Papa Durian Coffee uses a low-temperature extraction method to dehydrate the durian flesh. Ensuring every sip taste like a real durian, leaving an everlasting aftertaste.


Detox Bundle Combo 3 effectively supports the stabilization of telomere, with high-potency antioxidants it can help to protect cells from damage and causing telomere shortening. To get the best effect, cleansing the colon is the first step, to ensure the nutrients intake are fully absorbed by the body. Fig & Zyme supports cleansing of your colon. A clean colon helps to promote better health, support higher energy levels, and help to manage allergies. Ideal for individuals with irregular bowel movements or who consume little high fiber foods.


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  • The package comes with:

    Telomegenase - 2 boxes (15 sachets per box)
    Fig & Zyme - 1 box (15 sachets per box)
    Musang Papa Coffee - 1 box (10 sachets per box)

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