Red Apple VS Green Apple

First of all, we all say that eat apple keeps doctor away. Apples have numerous benefits to our health, such as good for heart, enhance our immune system, good for weight loss, and relieve constipation. When you first think about apple, the first colour that comes to your mind must be red right? However, there is also green apple. So now I am going to talk about some benefits of red apple and green apple.
Red apple benefits

Firstly, red apples are rich in fiber which can improve digestion. Besides, the apple skin contains insoluble fiber, called cellulose, that helps food pass through the digestive tract efficiently. This can relieve your constipation. Secondly, according to studies, eating apples can improve brain health and reduce some diseases risk, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Thirdly, since apples are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants, they can make your immunity stronger. Fourthly, the vitamins in apples are healthy for eyes, such as vitamin A and C. You will also not feel fatigued and can help treat night blindness. Fifthly, according to a study, daily consumption of apples seems to reduce the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and other elements related to plaques and inflammation in artery walls, thereby helping to reduce the heart disease risk.
Green apple benefits

Firstly, green apples are rich in fiber content, that helps increase the body's metabolism. When eating apples, make sure not to throw the peel in the rubbish bin. Eating apples with peels can improve overall health. Due to its high fiber content, apples help in the detoxification process. It keeps the liver and digestive system away from harmful elements. Secondly, green apples are low in fat and help maintain good blood flow in the body. Improving blood circulation can prevent heart diseases and strokes. Thirdly, green apples are rich in vitamin C, that can prevent skin cells from being damaged by free radicals and reduce skin cancer risk. Also, they are rich in vitamin A that helps maintain good vision. Fourthly, green apples are also high in calcium. Eating one green apple daily can strengthen bones and teeth. Fifthly, green apples help slow down the ageing process and even make you look young and beautiful. They also contribute to proper nourishment of the skin and eliminate dark circles effectively.


To sum up, these are some benefits of red apple and green apple which are mentioned above. So they have similarities and differences of benefits. So why not include red and green apples in your shopping list?

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