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Telomere length is correlated to lifespan. Support telomere length by optimizing the cellular processes to prevent telomere shortening. Based on a Nobel Prize winning research in telomere and telomerase, Telomeganse is a proven supplement that can help you maintain telomere length to optimize lifespan.

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How It Works

1. Activate Telomerase, Delays Telomere Shortening Process

Our DNA comprises chromosomes housed in the nucleus of each cell. Telomere is a repetitive sequence at the end of chromosomes. It protects the actual DNA genes from being lost during the replication process. As our cells divide, it causes telomeres to be shortened.

An enzyme called telomerase comes in to add more repetitive sequences to Telomeres. This helps to prevent the length of telomeres from shortening. Activation of the telomerase can help to stabilize and lengthens the telomeres, meaning slow down aging.

2. Anti-Inflammation

There are two types of inflammation: acute and chronic. Dietary and lifestyle changes are at the forefront of reducing the inflammation in your body. There are some anti-inflammatory ingredients that can be found in Telomegenase, such as berries, green tea extract, grape skin extract, grape powder and turmeric.

3. Anti-Oxidation

Oxidative stress causes damage to your body on a cellular level. This usually occurs because of the overproduction of free radicals. Telemegenase helps to reverse any cell damage that you may have by forming a barrier over your cells to prevent further oxidative stress from happening. You’ll look younger, feel more energised besides getting stronger cells that help you stay healthy.

About Telomere, Telomerase & Aging

Explanation videos about Telomere and how it relates to aging

Benefits of Taking Telomegenase

1. Telomerase Activation & Delay Cell Aging

High-potency herbal extracts have the potential to boost telomerase enzyme production in stem cells to maintain longer telomeres.

2. Support Immune Health

Telomegenase could help improve the body's defense against disease by encouraging the cell-mediated immunity.

3. Improve Energy Level

The ingredients in Telomegenase help to improve your energy level.

4. Reduce skin aging and pigmentation

The ingredients in Telomegenase help to promote healthy skin and restoring youthful to your skin.

5. Increase Metabolism

The ingredients in Telomegenase help to improve your metabolism.

6. Promote Wound Healing

Telomegenase also includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D, resveratrol, Grape Powder which believed to support wound healing

7. Improve Mental & Brain Health

Telomegenase also includes Pine Bark Extract, which is believed to boost brain functions.

8. Support Healthy Heart Function

The ingredients in Telomegenase help to support healthy heart function.

Ingredients of Telomegenase
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