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“Because my career is busy, 24 hours a day is simply not enough. Training and lectures are long-term running courses, which are really mentally and physically exhausting. Until recently, I was exposed to a cell therapy product called Telomegenase. After taking a course of treatment..., I felt significant changes physically and mentally. The previous fatigue on the body has disappeared, and my thoughts are clearer and my concentration has also greatly improved. In addition, the students who met me recently told me that I look mentally energetic and young! This makes me even more certain that it is Telomegenase that works in my body cell therapy. For those who have busy and hectic life nowadays, they really need a convenient, healthy and natural healing method. It turns out that inverse age and rejuvenation are not legends, but in real existence!”

- Dato Sri Adrian Wee

I wanted to find a product to prevent the shortening of my telomere length which I was able to measure at with the Telomere length test at WellLab ( I was introduced to Telomegenase 6 months ago and have been taking 2 satchet per day since because of the... ingredients in it such as ECGC contained in green tea, glutathione and astralagus extract which has been shown by numerous published research studies to be able to prevent the shortening of telomere length in a large sample of population tested. Numerous scientific researches have also found that preventing the shortening of telomere length would enable us to maintain good immune system, prevent aging and all age related diseases including cancer, heart diseases, dementia and many others as well as having youthful skin and hair and most importantly feeling great. I am indeed experiencing all these wellness benefits and many more. My hair continues to be bountiful and jet black even though I am over 55 years young. I have boundless energy and enjoy over 2 hours of tennis singles and doubles matches every day and fantastic love making with my wife and feel as good as when I was nineteen years young. And I have not contracted COVID19 as shown in multiple MOH approved COVID19 antibody tests that I did at WellLab, nor do I fear contracting it even though even though I am now fully at work and being in close physical contacts with patients everyday. I am sure when I retest my telomere length with the telomere length test at WellLab, my telomere has not only not got shortenned but may even be longer than before!

- Dr. Edward Chan D.Phil.(Psy), M.Sc., Master (Nutritional Medicine) B.Sc. (Psychology)(Hons), FMAPsy., FMCBTA., FECARE., FWCPsy Principal Consultant Psychologist at the International Psychology Centre ( and Principal Consultant AntiAging and Nutritional Therapist at WellLab, Centre for AntiAging, Diseases Reversal and Advance Laboratory Diagnostic Testings: [email protected]

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