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The basic and functional unit of our human body is a cell. The human body is made up of 60 - 75 trillion cells. They have different sizes, shapes and functions. One group of similar cells makes tissues which in turn makes organs. System comprises of many organs which eventually makes what we see… A whole human body.

Being the basic unit of body, any changes in function or structure can alter the function of the body or in other words any disturbance in basic functioning or cell damage can lead to disease.

Are there ways that can protect cells from damage? Let’s find out.

Telomere and its functioning was discovered by Sir Hermann Joseph Muller and Miss Barbara McClintock in the span of 10 years.

One might ponder… What is telomere?
Telomere is short repeated sequence of DNA presents at tail ends of each chromosome. It caps the internal region of chromosome and protect it from degradation during replication. Telomere plays a very keen role in chromosomal stability and cell division.

As the cell replicates, telomere shortens as its repetitive sequence or in particular some base pairs are lost. Around 25-200 base pairs are lost each time a replication takes place (1). Each replication cycle means telomere shortens every time until it reaches senescence (stage where cells cannot replicate anymore). This is when telomeres cannot get shorten anymore and cell has reached its maximum replicative capacity, that’s when apoptosis or programmed cell death takes place and the cell dies.

Telomere Shortening
Telomere length is dependent on various factors such as age of a person, genetic make-up, environment in which he resides and it is also influenced by social and economic status (2).

Telomere shortening can results in increased chances of being afflicted with various diseases. Although as age progresses, telomere shortens due to cell replication but the rate at which telomere shortens can be controlled by certain lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise. Some factors can enhanced its shortening while other works in slowing down its rate.

Being obese, smoker or if you consume unhealthy food can enhance telomere shortening and increase aging. This can result in diseases such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, diabetes, increased cancer risk and osteoporosis (2). All these factors combined can have devastating effects on an individual's health and lifespan.

Whereas leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, being away from environmental & occupational hazards and avoiding psychological and physical stress contribute in reducing the risk of telomere instability.

How can telomere be extended?
An enzyme Telomerase acts on telomere terminal to increase its length by adding repetitive base pairs. In 1980, 3 medical experts discovered that the major function of telomerase is to protect the chromosome (telomere) terminal. Defects during DNA replication can also be corrected by telomerase. Extension of telomere means that it can help with anti aging process, decrease the risk of developing diseases and increase one’s lifespan.

This leads to the main question…“How can we enhance telomerase activity in body?” “Is there anyway or any product that can help with that?”

Yes. You have hit the mark. Our product Telomegenase is prepared with activated telomerase which will help elongate telomere making your cells survive longer thus making you healthy.

Activated telomerase in telomegenase will delay telomere shortening. You will be mesmerized by anti aging effect when it will leave you wrinkle free. It is packed with other ingredients as well which will change the life for the better.

One of its major benefits is that it is anti-inflammatory. Any injury caused in the body internally or externally begins with redness, swelling, pain, increase in temperature, and loss of function. These are primarily signs of inflammation. It can cause cell damage if inflammation progresses further. Many ingredients in telomegenase fight this inflammation so you can be pain free and can resume your daily activities without any worry or you can relieve yourself from all the pain you have endured.

This product has anti oxidative property. One of the main causes of cellular injury is oxidative stress. This usually occurs due to overproduction of free radicals. If this progressed further, it can deteriorate the functioning of cells. Anti oxidative property inhibits the production of free radicals thus reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress.

Ingredients of telomegenase
Telomegenase is packed with 12 others ingredients, each unique on its own with a variety of benefits. All of these will contribute to a disease free, worry free and healthy life. These 12 ingredients with their benefits are mentioned below.

Pine bark (Enzogenol) is an herbal extract. It is a patent brand from New Zealand. Pine bark extract is rich in plant pigments called bioflavonoids. Several laboratory studies have found that some of these bioflavonoids have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances that can override harmful molecules (free radicals) which are produced within your cells and which may cause tissue damage or disease. Other studies have found that it can reduce the production of specific enzymes that break down cartilage. Its functions include: 
●    Supporting children’s health concentration and performance.
●    Experimental confirmation of protection of telomerase.
●    Extend cell life

Grape seed extract (GSE) is a dietary supplement made by removing, drying, and pulverizing the bitter-tasting seeds of grapes. Grape seeds are rich in antioxidants, including phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs). Due to its antioxidant properties, grape seeds powder can prevent free radical damage to DNA and other intracellular structures.
It contains paclitaxil, also known as anthocyanin which performs the following roles:
●    Strong antioxidant effect.
●    Repairs injured collagen and elastic fibers.
●    Protects the brain and blood vessels from free radical damage.

Green tea extract has rich antioxidant properties and is served as a scavenger for free radicals. It makes your skin fresh and it protects the liver and brain against inflammation and diseases. Green tea has positive influence on blood pressure and can help in weight loss. Its other purpose includes:
●    Reducing serum total cholesterol level in hyperlipidemia (Excessive lipid levels in Blood)
●    Improving body’s metabolism.
●    Recovery and protection of vascular endothelium (Vessels lining)

Cranberry extract is obtained from fresh cranberries. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. It provides major protection against urinary tract infections (UTIs) as it lines against epithelial linings of the urinary tract and does not let bacteria stick to its epithelial cells and grow there and produce inflammation. Besides preventing UTIs, it also provides safety against kidney stones, stomach ulcers and other urinary bladder diseases. Cranberry extract delivers the following roles:
●    Has special antioxidant capacity.
●    Effectively maintains the health and vitality of cells.
●    Prevent cells from being damaged.

Bilberry is an herbal extract and it is rich in anthocyanins. It has powerful antioxidative property. It deep cleanses you skin, hydrates it and provides nourishment to it to make it look healthy. It has a strong effect on eye and is considered to treat glaucoma. It is also antiseptic as it protects you against inflammation and infection. Health benefits provided by bilberries include:
●    It helps maintain capillary integrity and stabilize collagen.
●    It improves eye health and eyesight.
●    It strengthens cerebrovascular health and maintains cerebrovascular disease.
●    It shows effective scavenging of free radicals, such as superoxide anion and other reactive oxygen species (ROS)

Astragalus is a natural dietary supplement and provides various health benefits. It is anti aging. It also relieves routine discomforts such as nausea and fatigue. Astragalus also treats anorexia and respiratory tract infections. Some of the most important health benefits provided by astragalus extract are listed down below:
●    It enhances immunity and delay physical aging.
●    It help improve lung immune infection.
●    It has shown effective treatment of spleen, lung and debilitating physique.
●    It promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

Roselle powder is extracted from hibiscus plant. It is packed up with abundant nutrients. It contains many minerals such as calcium and potassium and vitamins such as vitamin C. It has been proven good against blood and skin malfunctions. Major functions of roselle powder are:
●    It has hematopoietic functions. It improves skin and anemia
●    It has beauty, slimming and antihypertensive effects.
●    It regulates and balances blood lipids.
●    It improves constipation and rough skin problems.

Grape skin extract is as effective as grape juice extract as it also contains antioxidants in it. Oxidative damage done by routine inflammation can be corrected by this. Be it your kidney or your brain, and your liver or your heart, grape skin extract provides protection against majority of organ. It functions as:
●    It prevents skin aging and pigmentation.
●    It has anti oxidizing property against low density lipoprotein.
●    It is effective in preventing hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.
●    It improves immune system activity.

L glutathione plays a significant role in delaying ageing. It is rich in antioxidants, it has a powerful impact against damaging ROS (free radicals). It is good for skin as it can treat psoriasis. Besides treating skin inflammations, its other protective functions include:
●    It helps maintain normal immune system functions.
●    It provides protection of thiolase activity.
●    It prevents erythrocyte membrane structure from oxidation.

●    It enhances liver health and improves liver oxidation.

Vitamin D plays an important role in aging. Aging reduces response to UV light which eventually reduces natural vitamin D production in skin. This vitamin performs bone formation and mineralization by promoting calcium absorption from the gut. Various diseases like rickets (in children), osteomalacia (in adults) and osteoporosis (in elderly), also hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus (type 2) and even cancer are associated with Vitamin D deficiency. Scientific research has confirmed that vitamin D is beneficial to prolong the life of telomerase. It has the following functions:  
●    It protects cell health.
●    It promotes calcium absorption.
●    It improves bone health.
●    It can reduce the resistance to insulin.

Curcumin is an active ingredient of the naturally occurring spice turmeric. It has remarkable anti inflammatory and anti oxidizing roles. By reducing inflammation and suppressing ROS (reactive oxygen species) production, it can delay cell death and lessen cell division. Curcumin has noticeably been found effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease which is an age related mental deterioration. Some other age related health benefits of cucumin include:
●    It lowers blood fat.
●    It is anti oxidizing and anti inflammatory.
●    It promotes blood circulation and fat metabolism. It helps in fat burning.
●  It accelerates the decomposition of acetaldehyde and reduces acetaldehyde content in the blood.

Mixed fruit powder is a mixture of dried and washed out fruits that contain health boosting nutrients. Fruit powder is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti ageing nutrients. Mixed fruit powder has been proven healthy as it provides you with fibers that clear your digestive tract, and its rich antioxidants fight against inflammation. Mixed fruit powder is very effective as it is:
●    Rich in vitamin C.
●    Rich in flavonoids that can lower blood pressure.
●    Improves eye general health.
●    Reduces the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure.

All of the ingredients mentioned above has many advantages. They are power packed with vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients. All of these provide anti-inflammatory effects;  delays cell aging, and prevents premature aging and improves mental and brain health. It also enhances memory of an individual thus learning and problem solving skills will improve. This product helps speeds up metabolism thus accelerating wound healing and enhancing immunity. As mentioned previously, activated telomerase works to delay telomere shortening. Telomegenase also promote cardiovascular health. It also has a huge impact on skin as it aids in whitening, diluting dark spots and reducing wrinkles and fine lines from face and skin from other parts of the body too.
These many benefits from a single product is a must have for all the people out there. Telomegenase just increase your overall well being by working in different organs to optimize for a healthy body. Having a healthy body and peaceful mind is what people desire these days in this fast pace technology stricken lifestyle.