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Ways To Lower Your Risk For Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in both men and women on earth. If colorectal cancer is found early, it can usually be cured. Since the mid-1980s, the mortality rate of this type of cancer has decreased, which may be due to the fact that this type of cancer is usually diagnosed earlier and treatments have been improved. But keep in mind that prevention is better than treatment, so why not understand several ways to lower your risk for colorectal cancer? And I’ll explain each way in the following paragraphs.
Get screened for colorectal cancer

Screening is a test that looks for cancer before signs and symptoms develop. When treatments are more likely to be successful, these tests can detect colon or rectal cancer earlier. The American Cancer Society recommends testing for people at average risk starting at 45 years old. Some colorectal screening tests can also find and remove precancerous growths which are polyps in the colon or rectum. Polyps are not cancer. However, over time, cancer may begin in polyps. Removing them can reduce cancer risk. It is important to discuss with your healthcare provider about when you should begin screening and see which tests may be alright for you.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains

A diet that contains plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains is associated with a lower risk of colon cancer or rectal cancer. In addition, it is advised to eat less red meat such as beef, pork or lamb, and processed meat such as hot dogs and some luncheon meats, which are associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer

Control your weight

Being overweight or obese rises your risk of suffering and death chance from colon or rectal cancer. Eating a healthy diet and do more exercise which increases your physical activity can help you control your weight.

No smoking

Compared with non-smokers, long-term smokers have a higher chance to suffer and die from colon or rectal cancer. So it is better to quit smoking as soon as possible if you are a smoker.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol is associated with a higher colorectal cancer risk, so it is best not to drink. However, if you really want to drink alcohol, one of the cancer societies recommends that men drink a maximum of 2 drinks a day, and women drink just 1 drink a day. 


To sum up, the ways to lower your risk for colorectal cancer are explained which are getting screened for colorectal cancer, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, controlling your weight, no smoking, and avoiding alcohol. Also, one of the studies have shown that habits related to diet, weight, and exercise are closely related to the risk of colorectal cancer. It may be difficult to change some of these lifestyle habits. However, making changes can also reduce the risk of many other types of cancer and other serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

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