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Ways To Prevent Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is a relatively common malignant tumour in the urinary system. Bladder cancer usually has no abnormal symptoms in its early stages. What are the symptoms of bladder tumours? Once painful or slightly painful hematuria, frequent urination, urine urgency, and other symptoms appear. Bladder cancer is also a problem for many people. What are the prevention ways for bladder cancer? Let’s take a look!

Quit smoking and limit alcohol

To develop a good life habit, that is to quit smoking and limit alcohol. The World Health Organization predicts that if people quit smoking, in 5 years, the world's cancer will be reduced by 1/3. Besides, the amount of alcohol must be restricted. Smoking and alcohol are extremely acidic substances. People who smoke and drink for a long time can easily lead to an acidic physique.


Don’t eat too salty and irritating foods

Don’t eat too much salty and spicy food, and don’t eat too hot, too cold, expired and spoiled food. People who are frail or have genetic genes for certain diseases should eat some anti-cancer foods and alkaline foods with high alkali content to maintain a good mental state.


Healthy lifestyle and keep positive

Have a good attitude to deal with stress, combine work and rest, and don’t overwork. It can be seen that stress is an important cause of cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stress can lead to fatigue and physical weakness, leading to decreased immune function, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders in the body, and the deposition of acidic substances in the body. Stress can also lead to mental tension, including leading to invagination of poisonous fire.

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Exercise more

More physical exercise can enhance physical fitness. Exercise more in the sun, sweating more can excrete acidic substances in the body with sweat and avoid the formation of acidic physique.

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Life must be regular

Irregular living habits, such as singing karaoke all night and playing mahjong, will increase acidification of the body and prone to cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to develop good living habits to maintain a weak alkaline physique and keep all kinds of cancer away from oneself.

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Don't eat contaminated food

Do not eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, and moldy food. Instead, eat some green organic foods to prevent diseases.


To sum up, the above are ways to prevent bladder cancer. They are to quit smoking and limit alcohol, do not eat too much salty and spicy food, do not eat too hot, too cold, expired and spoiled food, have a good attitude to deal with stress, combine work and rest, do not overwork, exercise more, and live a regular life, and avoid eating contaminated food. I hope everyone can follow these ways to prevent bladder cancer.

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