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Why Is It Important To Have Work-Life Balance?

In today’s world, as the technology and social media have become more and more advanced which makes employers want more from their employees, their employees are pressured with heaps of workload, having longer working hours and less time spent at home, and most of them have even sacrificed their own health such as overwork and having illnesses. This makes work-life balance very hard to achieve nowadays. But I would like to tell you that no matter how, having a work-life balance is necessary and important to create a healthy and balanced life, which I’ll explain some reasons in the following paragraphs.
Fewer health problems

It is no surprise that when we are overworked, tired and stressed, our health will be in danger. A poor-work life balance affects our wellbeing which are suffering from serious health conditions such as stroke and respiratory problems. In order to encourage your employees to take care of themselves and find balance, you will greatly reduce the chances of health problems. This will ensure that your organisation is more efficient during working hours and that people want to be part of the company and culture.
More engagement

You will increase the engagement levels of your employees by helping them find the perfect balance between work and family. This has a lot of positive effects. According to one of the global surveys, the gap between companies with highly engaged employees in improving operating income is close to 52%. In addition, companies with higher employee engagement for operating income increased by 19.2%, while companies with lower employee engagement fell by 32.7%. Having a dedicated workforce will enable your employees to double their efforts for you and become loyal for your brand and products.

More mindfulness

When we find and maintain a healthy work-life balance, we will focus more on our attention and the ability to focus on the job at hand. This is mindfulness. Do you want to have a team that is completely focused on what they do, rather than worrying about work or family? By encouraging your employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance, you will create an environment where everyone can focus on the task at hand. This will make retention rates, productivity and ultimately profits to increase.


To sum up, having a work-life balance is indeed necessary and important to create a healthy and balanced life, which the reasons above are fewer health problems, more engagement levels of your employees, and more mindfulness of your employees. So let’s start to have a work-life balance today for a healthy and balanced life!